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S. V. Subrahmanian svskotra at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Aug 31 15:03:26 CDT 2000

Dear Shri Raviji,

I read your mail regarding people not participating.

Among the 125+ that you mentioned there might be atleast
20, (pure guess), who might be new to Vedanta.
Their participation might be curtailed by lack of
knowledge of certain Vedantic vocabulary used freely, by some
of the very erudite, veteran members.  Either they may have
difficulty following it or they may be feel shy for they may
not feel confident of asking.

I have a suggestion in that regard.  If you permit me I will
start a series on a very simple text, a prakaraNa grantha ie.,
TATWABODHA by Shri Shankara which can be viewed as a book
of working definitions.  It is a very good "first-book" for
all beginners, that will get them acquainted to Vedantic terms.
That might hopefully give the beginner members SOME background
to assimilate scholarly postings.

For eg., members who post regularly might use the word
"sAdhanachatushtayam", (certainly very simple for those who already know)
which if the reader does not understand precisely what it means, he is
practically barred from enjoying the posting.

Also, many words like for eg., simplest being Sraddha, have been
understood loosely, by different people differently.  There are tons
of quotations floating around explaining, defining faith.  But
in Vedanta, it is important that we understand it the way our
AchAryAs (primarily Shri Shankara), have understood and used them.

I am benefitting by reading that book.  I think some more might benefit. But
if you think, it is too sub-standard for the list,  I will skip the idea
(for I do understand that it is basic material).  Also, just to ensure you
that no errors would creep through my postings, I will stay TRUE to the
edition by Sri Chinmaya Mission Central Trust.

I also seek the permission of the List Administrator Shri Jaldharji.

S. V. Subrahmanian.
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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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