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Tue Feb 1 08:30:37 CST 2000

Dear Kartik,

I agree with you. I am one among those who did not come to pursue some
religious aspiration (giving a lame excuse that it is not possible in
India), but I came here for secular reasons. I fully agree that I
completely qualify for the loss of status. But, I did lose it in India
itself. I became an agnostic when I was 14 years old, then I stopped
doing sandhya, samidhaadaanam, visiting temples etc. It was in 1991, by
the grace of parashakti I became a theist. For good 10+ years I lead a
life of agnostic, pursuing worthless endeavours and reading new age
books. I consider that I have lost it then. I was thinking about this
seriously for the last few weeks.

But I should tell  something. America, has its spiritual side too. It
here my devotion to God increased atleast 100 fold. It is here I learnt
very valuable lessons joining Swami Yogananda's SRF lessons. It here
through advaita-L I learnt what our tradition is in the first place. It
is here is America I started doing sandhyavandanam more or less
regularly.  In fact I even learnt to wear a panchakachham here!!

Am I concerned about the loss of the brahmAna status? NO. I will not do
any special prAyashchittam for it (unless, ambaaL  tells me to do so).
I always pray to Lord shiva and ambaaL to guide me to do the right
thing I should do. I am confident (which I have witnessed) of their
guidance in my daily life.  It is my prayer to them and to shirDi sai
bAbA, that they should help me to return  as quickly as possible to
India. Not to become a brahmana, not to serve the country,  but to go
to the great shiva temples majestically standing in Tamil Nadu and sing
in praise of my Father. I don't even mind being a chaNDaala as long as
my heart is in the in the feet of shiva-shakti.

These are my thoughts, please feel free to correct them.

With love to all,

shrI vaidyanAtham sadA bhajeham
baalamba sameta divya prakaasham
muttukumaara nuta muktipradaayakam
mahAganesha supujitam mahesham

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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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