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 I guess everyone will have different versions.

>I'd like to pose the  following questions to each member of this list and 'd be grateful for any responses:
>(a)What in your opinion are the best books to learn how to 'tread the path' leading to Advaita realization? What are your favorites?

Ans. The Prasthanathraya of Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi ... Ramana Gita , Upadesha Saram and Sad Darshanam.
Besides this "Guru Ramana", "Talks with Srir Ramana Maharshi", Day by Day with Bhagavan and "Self Realization- The life and teachings of Ramana Maharshi" are very good.

>(b)What is your daily practice i.e. what do you do on a daily basis to enhance or maintain your spiritual life, or your 'realization'?

Ans. One can practise certainly, but the aim should not be in enhancement for there is nothing to enhance.

>(c)What is the best way to learn the chanting of the Bhagvad Gita slokas in sanskrit? Have you used any tapes/CDs for this purpose or can  you recommend some?

Ans. Yesudas singing Bhagavad Gita chapters 2, 12, 15.


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