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> Ravi mentioned Ahnika or nityakarma as it is known.  Both
> of
> these terms refer to "daily duties" that a Brahman should
> perform.  After
> waking in the morning, (ideally before sunrise) I recite
> the
> pratahsmarana shlokas (that begin "uttishta, uttishta
> Govinda") Shankaracharya also wrote a Pratahsmarana
> stotra which some
> people recite.  Then after bathing etc. and putting on
> clean clothes I do
> the Morning Sandhyavandana, followed by Puja and Tarpana.
>  Then one should
> do what is called the Vaishvadeva or Aupasana Homa but as
> I rent instead

Few months ago, Rama gave me a book on nityAhnikam and also
I had another book by a north Indian pandit on a similar
subject from UT library.  If one decides to live by it,
one's whole day will be permeated with thoughts of God.
Right from getting up, to going to bed, there are so many

 I asked a priest about aupAsana. He told me doing aupAsana
 is close to impossible these days. His main concern was
maintaining the fire continuously. Even I asked a
shrIvaishNava gentleman, I got the same answer. But some
say even if one cannot do it, one can mentally perform it
chanting the mantra-s.

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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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