foreign travel by a sanyasin (forwarded message)

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Tue Feb 8 19:38:47 CST 2000

--- "Jaldhar H. Vyas" <jaldhar at> wrote:
> Regarding a Sanyaasin travelling overseas, it is
> explicitly prohibited
> in our Dharma Shastras . It is very clearly
> mentioned that Dharma
> Prachaara can be done only in a place where the
> Varnaashrama Dharmaas
> are followed and where the black Saaranga deer
> wanders carefreely.

If even dharma prachaara can be done only where the
"black Saaranga deer" wanders carefreely, logically it
can be done only in forests. Then how do Grhasthas
come to know about Dharma, as they cannot be expected
to go into the forests at least for quite some time!
And when they do go into the forests, I thought it is
more for gaining jnana.

Is there any injunction like this for the preaching
Jnana kanda also?



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