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> > hi,
> >
> >
> >
> > Was wondering what foreign travel mean?  Assuming travelling within
> > India is
> > ok, the boundaries of India has changed a lot in the last few thousand
> > years.
> >
>On a lighter note, at our home in Madras, we had a small book which made a
>claim that the whole world was bharata. It was funny that the author
>thought  kapilaaraNyam became California, moxasthalam became Moscow, and
>agasthiyaraalaya became Australia!!! Still this makes me laugh. If one has
>enough creativity all places can be renamed.
>Traditionally crossing the sea was prohibited. For instance, one can reach
>Paris by land without crossing water. So Paris is OK, New York is not
>:-)). If US decides to fill the 30 mile stretch between Alaska and Siberia
>with sand or something like that, may be one can walk his way to New York
>(or Austin) without crossing the sea :-))

Don't think Varnaashrama Dharma is followed in either of these places i.e.
Paris or Alaska. However, the part about California etc is not that far
fetched if one were to read the book Hindu Dharma. The Paramaacharya has
mentioned the very same. However, he is of the view that the Vedic culture
once existed all over the world. The land of Bhaarat Varsha is as defined by
the Vishnu purana (?) "Uttaram yat samuddrasya, himaadrashchaiva
dakshiNam...". You can refer to the extract from Hindu Dharma here:

I would appreciate if someone were to explain what we mean when we say Jambu
Dveepe as a part of the Sandhyavandanaa. Dveep means an island doesn't it?

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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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