Tarka and Yukthi

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Tue Feb 15 23:56:36 CST 2000

Thanks to Sri Anand Hudli for the input on the role of Tarka during the
stage of Manana. But I have some doubts. Kindly clarify.

I am given to understand that during Manana one has to use "Yukthi" to
clear the doubts that arise in the mind. Though the dictionaries say
that the two words Yukthi and Tarka are synonyms, I feel there is slight
difference between the two. Yukthi first of all requires basic shradhdha
in the Shruthi Vakyas and Guru Vakyas before we proceed further, whereas
a Tarka can sometimes be dry  or Shushka, purely an intellectual
acrobatic to prove a point theoritically without the basic shradhdha
involved.  This kind of Tarka will lead us nowhere. Yukthi also involves
the three Pramaanaas - Pratyaksha, Anumaana and Shabdha (vaidhika
shabhda). The proof supplied here are objective, which are  in the
experience of everyone which will substantiate the validity of the
Shruthi vakyaas. But the Tarka sometimes puts forward Pramaanaas which
are subjective,  without a strong foundation
( Apratishtaanam ) ( Kutarka ) just to substantiate the validity of the
individual's argument.  Therefore " Shruthimathastarkonusandhiiyataam ;
dustarkaath suviramyataam " .

Kindly let me know if there is anything wrong in the comments that I
have put forth. I am always open to corrections.

Hari Om,
Latha Vidyaranya

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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