shrI subrahmaNya bhuja~Ngam.h - verses 31 - 33

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Wed Feb 16 18:18:51 CST 2000

This is the final post of this series. Whole text with translation is
available in the Jaguar site. This one of my favorite stotra-s and I
found it very easy to memorize and also quite musical in nature. In
retrospect, I think I could have done a better job in
translation. Since I did not have time, I did not edit what I posted
to Jaguar site few years back. I apologize for the errors. Since the
original text was given, I hope you will be able to understand it
better directly from it.

Thank you.


  Prayer to the Lord

namaH kekine shaktaye chaapi tubhyaM
 namashchhaaga tubhyaM namaH kukkuTaaya |
namaH sindhave sindhudeshaaya tubhyaM
 punaH skandamuurte namaste namo.astu || 31||

I bow to Thee, O Peacock (the symbol of vedas)!
I bow to Thee, O Shakti Weapon ( Vel is Parashakti herself),
I bow to Thee, O Sheep (the symbol of Maaya tatvam)
I bow to Thee, O Cock (the symbol of Ego)
I bow to Thee, O Ocean (the symbol of ananda)
I bow to Thee, O Thiruchendur Shrine
I bow to Thee, O Lord Skanda!
I bow to Thee again and again!
Let all my prostrations reach Thee!

  Prayer to Lord to Reveal His Powers

 JNjayaamoghakiirte jayaanandamuurte |
jayaanandasindho jayaasheshhabandho
 jaya tvaM sadaa muktidaaneshasuuno || 32||

O Source of ananda, reveal Thyself!
O Embodiment boundless effulgent light, reveal Thyself!
O Lord! who has all pervading glory, reveal Thyself!
O Embodiment of bliss, reveal Thyself!
O Lord, Thou art the ocean of bliss, reveal Thyself!
O Lord who is the friend of all creatures, reveal Thyself!
O Lord, Son of Parameshwara, Bestower of liberation, reveal Thy Glory
to me and protect me!

  Effect of Reciting These Shlokas

bhujaN^gaakhyavR^ittena kLR^iptaM stavaM yaH
 paThedbhaktiyukto guhaM saMpraNamya |
sa putraankalatraM dhanaM diirghamaayu\-
 rlabhetskandasaayujyamante naraH saH || 33||

That holy devotee, who prostrates to Lord Guha, reciting the Bhujanga
stotra daily, with devotion, will be blessed with good sons, good
wife, wealth and long life, and at end of his life, will attain
eternal bliss with Lord Skanda

|| iti shriimachchh.nkarabhagavataH kR^itau
 shriisubrahmaNyabhujaN^gaM saMpuurNam.h||

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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