giitaa XI:55

Ravi msr at COMCO.COM
Wed Feb 23 19:34:42 CST 2000

Recently I learnt  that in shankara's view verse XI:55 gives the
essence of giita, and explains the practice of it precisely.

Here is the verse,

mat.h karma kR^it.h  mat.h paramo mat.h bhaktaH sa~Nga varjitaH |
nirvairaH sarvabhuuteshhu yaH sa maam.h eti paaNDava || XI:55 ||

The one who does the works ordained by me, considers me as the
supreme goal, devoted to me, devoid of attachments, and has no
malice or animosity towards other beings, (cerainly) reaches me,
O paaNdava.


en paNi purindhu, enaiyE paramporuLaay, enpaal anbu puuNdu,
paRRanaiththum ozhithhu, maRRevvuyirkkum pagaiyaRROn, ennaiye
aDaivaan (ithu uRudhi) O paaNDavaa.

my translation may have errors.

I learnt it from,

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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