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My intoduction :

Name : Himanshu Bhalchandra Dave
Caste : Vadanagara Nagar Brahmin, RigVedic Shankhayani shakha.
Age : 62 years
Education : B.E.(Electronics), M.Tech, visited Japan for one year.
Experience : 38 years teaching and research experience in IIT/Kharagpur,
L.D.College of Engineering and now at DDIT, Nadiad.
Position : Professor and Head of Deptt, Computer Engg.

I have been studying Upanishads for last 35 years or so. Also studied
Brahma Sutra, Panchadasi, MahaBharata, Shrimad Bhagavat. For last 5
years have been studying RiVeda, Nirukta. I have develop myown (not
really, I claim it was the original interpretation by our Rishis)
interpretation of RigVeda after studying some 3000 richas out of 10000
odd richas in RigVeda. I am still continuing that work. I feel what I
have observed is extremely important and so I am trying to tell other
who are ready to listen.

I read the following two papers at 39th All India Oriental Conference at
Baroda, Oct 1998 :
1.      "A New Approach to Interpretation of Vedas" (very well received)
2.      "Computer Code for Sanskrit Sound Elements" (understood by some)

I am a meditator of long standing. I also teach meditation by our
ancient Vedic method to any one interested (without any return, cash or

I have also prepared commentaries on Kenopanishad and Kaushitaki
Upanishad and printed them (available for asking)
Recently, during last Navaratri I prepared a note on "Vedic DeviSuktas"
with my explanations from Advaita view point. I give out this to any one

Long time back I started my study of Upanishads with Mandukya Upanishad
(may be in 1965) but I could not "understand" much. I kept on my
efforts, with other Upanishads. In 1978 I re-learned meditation (which
was taught to me by my father way back in 1952), and had several
"experiences", which are difficult to describe or explain. After that
Mandukya with its Karika was very clear to me. Everything fitted like a
jig-saw puzzle! What an experience it was!
I think there is not much to discuss once you are "convinced", but if
any question or doubt is there I will be glad to discuss. I would like
to be in company of people who understand these things, rather then so
called Indologists!
(no offence meant to any one).

If there is any further details needed, of course, I am open book.

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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