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>> >  3)The negation of the world is vyAvahArika. In
>> this case, what
>> >    you are saying is that the negation of the
>> world will itself get
>> >    sublated upon realization of Brahman. What does
>> this mean?
>     I too find fault with the third objection posed.
>Please correct me if I am wrong.
>Consider the example of the snake(creeper)on-the-rope
>illusion.A person views the rope as a snake. After
>sometime, he/she stops thinking it is a snake and
>believes that it is a creeper. creeper-ness
>essentially means non-snakeness. However, the
>snake-ness and its negation as seen in the
>creeper-ness ultimately get sublated in the reality of
>the rope.
>Similarly, it IS possible for the world and its
>negation to get sublated in Brahman, or in other words
>the negation of the vyaavahaarika world is
>vyaavahaarika only.

 As I wrote in response to Ravi's message, the negation can be
 treated as vyAvahArika. This is certainly a tenable position as
 we will see later in MadhusUdana's reply. But surprisingly,
 MadhusUdana convincingly argues that the negation can be taken
 as pAramArthika too! In this case, of course, MadhusUdana does
 not admit that the negation is different from Brahman, rather
 he says the negation is identical to Brahman! We will see shortly
 how he presents his argument.

>Thanks to Sri Anand Hudli for his sharp criticism of
>the lack of replies. I am guilty of that too. I went
>through all the Advaita siddhi posts again after I
>read that sharp mail. Your concern here is really
>appreciated. I entirely agree with Sri. Hudli that a
>mind is indeed a terrible thing to waste. Thanks to
>Sri Hudli again for the great posts and please keep
>them coming.

 Clarifying again, I did not direct criticism at members who
 have shown some interest in some discussion or the other, but
 those who, for some inexplicable reason, just fade out into
 the background, after having introduced themselves.


bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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