Proposal to start posting Bhagavat Gita Bhashya

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>Subject: Re: Proposal to start posting Bhagavat Gita Bhashya
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>According to the "fair use" provisions of international copyright law (The
>Berne convention), it is legal to copy short passages ("short" being
>rather vaguely defined) for educational purposes which this certainly is.
>Copying entire articles or sections of a book is not allowed without the
>express permission of the copyright holder.  Note this would only apply to
>the translation.  The Gita and Shankaracharyas' Bhashya are in the public
>domain.  After (I think) 60 years copyrights lapse and revert to public
>Another technique you can use is to paraphrase the translation in your own
>words.  That's allowed.  In fact it could be highly educational to sit
>down with a Sanskrit dictionary and attempt your own translation, using
>Warrier's for comparison.  The language of the Gita is relatively quite
>simple and even the bhashya is not as complicated as some of
>Shankaracharyas'  other works.

I have written to RK Math and asked them for permission to use Sh. Warrier's
English translations. I am still waiting on it. Unfortunately, my Sanskrit
dictionary is back home in NJ (I am currently in Dallas). I hope that RK
Math write back saying that they have no objections, pending which, I shall
try and do what Jaladhar has suggested. Needless to say, my Sanskrit is just
a shade better than my French :-) but I'll try because there is ample
opportunity for being corrected here.

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