shivAparAdha-xamApana stotra of Shankara - 1,2

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Tue Feb 29 12:01:35 CST 2000

Thanks to Sri Anand for presenting the above stotra with meaning. It is
heart rending. One who reads and understands the meaning will truly get
required viveka and vairaagya and becomes a mumukshu. Sri Shankara, who
was a
baala sanyaasi, who lived on this earth in his mortal body for just
about 32
years, has so beautifully analysed each stage of life from foetal stage
to old
age, the different blunders that the jiva commits in each stage and the
repentence that he feels in the evening of his life, when it is too late
to set
the mistakes right, and the sharanya bhaava which fills his heart when
he falls
at the feet of Shiva, are all so explicitly portrayed that we should
fortunate to have come across a satsang which discusses this shloka and
our eyes and makes us yearn for Him and Him
alone ! Surely, Shankara was Shiva's avataara, a trikaala jnaani, who
came down
to earth to uplift us ajnaanis and show us what the true goal of one's
should be !

" ..........shambhormurtishcharati bhuvane Shankaraachaarya roopa "

Thank you, Anand,
Hari Om,
Latha Vidyaranya

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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