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>This is about the colors mentioned in the verse.
>There is a Tamil work called "thiruvaachagam" composed by a great
>saint shrii maaNikka-vaachagar who is  one of the naayanmaars
>(shaivite saints who lead the bhakti movement in the Tamil land).
>In this work, there is section called "shiva-puraaNam" which is
>like the crown jewel of the work. I have heard that many
>references in it are from shrii rudram.  In that poem, the
>following phrase occurs.
>"niRa~NgaL Or aindhuDaiyaan"
>"He who has five colors"
>These five colors are related to five elements (pa~ncha
>bhuutaa-s). Earth (golden), water (white), fire (red), air
>(black) and space (blue). Are there references to it in shrii
>rudram ?

 Rudra is indeed a colorful God even in the shrIrudra. Riks 1.7
 and 1.8 also talk about the various colors of Rudra as the Sun.


bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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