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My name is Umamaheshwar B.  I am a software engineer by profession.  By
tradition, I am a Jangama (a Saivite tradition). I am 30.

By interest in Advaita Vedanta, really had no special beginning.  It just

I am not, like most people would tend to, inclined to look upon Advaita as a
mere intellectual exercise -- as that would be of no use other than
elevating the mind for a brief period of time.  It should be practised in
our daily life.  To this I believe that Bhakti is important.  All should be
looked upon as His manifestation until we arrive at the stage of looking
upon All and everything as the Self.

So, to sum it up -- I am not a scholar by any standards, but I am a Sadhaka.


B. Umamaheshwar
> Vanenburg Business - IT Solutions
> (formerly Baan Institute India)
> "Intellectual horsepower to drive your Business-IT applications"
> email:  bumamahe at
> tel:      91 40 6561008
> fax:     91 40 6561111
> web:

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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