viShNu sahasranAma 10 & 11

Savithri Devaraj sdevaraj at EXPLORER.CSC.COM
Fri Jan 21 11:54:14 CST 2000

10. pUtAtma : One whose nature is purity or one who is purity and
essence of all things.  According to the shruti 'kevalo nirguNash cha',
He is non-dual being untouched by guNas (Sve. Up - 6.11). The purusha
only assumes a relation with the guNas of prakR^iti, but his essential
nature is not affected by it. So He is ever pure.

11. paramAtmA: He is the supreme one and the Atman. He does not come
within the cause and effect relationship, and He is by nature ever free,
pure, and wakeful.


>From Translation and commentary of Sri SankarAcArya. Translated by
Swami Tapasyananda.

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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