Potential of the Mind

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      The pure mind is nothing but the Atman.  Therefore in the absolute sense , the mind as we know it does not exist. What we call the mind is nothing but the result of our attachment with varies tendencies (vasanas). These tendencies being perishable in the long run , what remains is the pure mind which is the Atman.


>I was puzzled by something similar in Ramana's teachings. Ramana has said
>several times that the mind does not exist, as does Shankara in his
>upadeshasAhasrii. But in one specific place in "Talks," Ramana says, "The
>mind is the Self." And later into the conversation with the disciple, he
>says, "It is the mind turned in on Itself."
>> Dennis

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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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