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Ashish wrote:

> Smritis strictly? The reason why I bring this up is because I thought
> that
> the deviation from varnaashrama dharma is fairly recent, which is
> ofcourse
> not entirely true.
> ashish

You are correct. There are instances of varNaashrama mix-up in
mahaabharata itself. The best hope one has is to pray to God to guide
us to do the right thing.


In sharaNagati doctrine there are  steps called aanukuulya sa.nkalpam
and praatikuulya varjitam. Former is the devotee's wish to adhere to
God's  injuctions and latter is his desire stay away from things which
shaastra-s prohibit. We know God's injuctions through shruti and
smriti-s, hence, even in the case of surrendering, one does
attempt/wish to follow the dharma.

I think works like shivaanandalahari emphasize that we keep our focus
on God (be devoted to God) and things will fall in place under the
guidance of the supreme being.


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