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5. Finally the topic of Shruti. Reply:
Oh that's ok. You too have made good contributions in the past. You also
deserve credit.

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Reasoning, Faith, Trust and Experience. That is the order in which any aspirant for liberation moves towards his goal. Without an exception, every exponent of the scriptures confirms that without a guru one cannot hope to reach the pinnacle of experience. Again , I wonder, how many of the mumukshus can with certain amount of certainty explain the charactearistics of a guru based on which he himself decided to  go to that guru to progress in his own quest FOR LIBERATION?

How are you certain that your guru is a Brahmanishti? Are you sure that your guru is not the Scriptural blind character ,following whom other followers of his also end up in darkness?

Why have our great Scriptures left such a big void in this regard? Why have our great Acharyas not given  a more easy way for poor mumukshus to locate a Brahmanishti?

Instead of merely saying that one should have trust in a guru or faith in that guru can any of the learned members of this list prescribe some basic charactearistics of a Brahmanishti that we can quickly and surely identify and locate?

With all namrata,and frustration and with warm regards and hoping to find a speck of light in the dark tunnel in which he is presently groping',

Hari Om,


bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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