viShNu sahasranaama - 31 thru 33

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31. sambhavah - One born out of his own free will as incarnation. GItA (4.8)
says: 'dharma-samsthaapanaarthaaya sambhavaami yuge yuge - for the
establishment of dharma I am born (sambhavaami) in every age'.

32. bhaavanah - One who generates the fruits of karmas of all jIvas for them
to enjoy. The brahma sUtra (3.2.28) 'phalamataH upapatteH' speaks of the
Lord's function as the bestower of the fruits of all actions of the jIvas.

33. bhartaa - One who supports the universe as its substratum.


>From Translation and commentary of Sri SankarAcArya. Translated by Swami


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