Dvaita Vs. Advaita

N.S.M.Ramkumar nramkuma at ADOBE.COM
Tue Jul 11 02:25:15 CDT 2000

It seems to me that, being a Dvatin is a safer course than to be Advaitin.
For if Dvaita is the ultimate reality and we happen to believe in Advaita,
then we will be subjected to "Eesha kopa"(Lords wrath). If Advaita is the
ultimate reality and and we believe in Dvaita, there is no question of
"Eesha Kopa" as there is no Eeshwara as such, other than himself.

I request knowledgable members of the list, to let me know, whether
following Dvaita is indded a risk-free course.

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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