Dvaita Vs. Advaita

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Hari Om,

There seems to be a mistaken notion here that in Dvaita Ishwara is there and
also the Bhaktha , whereas in Advaita there is no Ishwara at all but only

 It is not so. Dvaita believs that there is Ishwara, Jagat and Jiiva, all with
independent existence. Whereas Advaita says that there is only one supreme
niraakaara, nirguna Brahman who by the power of maaya created the saakaara,
saguna  jagat and jiivas and that the jagat and jiiva have no independent
existence of their own. They depend on Brahman or the supreme consciousness
for their existence. That supreme consciousness is You. Only if that
consciousness is there in you, the world is seen by you. When that chetana
itself is absent in you, no other jiiva or jagat exist. This is in everybody's
experience during the deep sleep state. Nothing exists at that time, but when
you wake up you say you had a nice lovely sleep. To say this there had to be
somebody who had witnessed your sound sleep at that time, is it not ? That is
the consciousness or the chit swaroopa which was aananda swaroopa also and
hence gave you a nice cosy feeling. This chetana is present in all the three
kaalaas - bhuta, bhavishya and vartamaana. Hence it is sat swaroopa too. This
is the ultimate Satchidaananda swaroopa which we must realise as our true
self.  Now where is the cause for " Ishwara kopa " ?! It is only the Advaita
which makes you Abhaya also. As long as there is dvaita, there is fear too,
the fear of the non-existent .

Hari Om,
Latha Vidyaranya

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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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