Sparsha diiksha.

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Vivek Anand Ganesan wrote:

> Hello all :
> --- ShrImati Vidyaranya wrote:
> > shishya. The
> > diksha can also be a "sparsha diksha" - by his touch of
> > hand or feet,
>   This is most interesting!  I remember reading about a
> similar episode in the life of Swami Vivekananda.  In that,
> ShrI Ramakrishna took Vivekananda to Samadhi by pressing
> on the left side of his chest.  Is such a means of diksha
> substantiated anywhere?  What is the significance of the
> left side of ones chest?  Is that why the sacred thread is
> also worn on the left shoulder passing the left side of
> ones
> chest?

Hari Om,

Before discussing diksha, just one more point on the meaning of the word
It means 'weighty'. Here Guru is one who possesses the weight of the
inward experience of the Self. It is our attitude of 'sharanaagathi' to
the Guru which procures us the Jnaana.

Regarding Sparsha diksha :

Kabirdas was a muslim ( people also say that he was born a Hindu , but
was brought up by muslim parents ). He longed to get upadesha from Sri
Ramaananda whom he considered as his Guru. But he dared not ask him for
upadesha as he was a muslim. He worked out a plan . One early morning
when it was still dark, he lay down on the steps of the ghats of Ganga
where the saint Ramaananda usually came to take bath. On that morning
due to darkness the saint unwittingly stepped over Kabir and when he
realised it was a human being that he had stepped on, he uttered the
words " Raama Raama " in remorse, as is customary for us to cry out
either "Rama Rama" or "Shiva Shiva" as atonement for the sin committed.
Immediately Kabirdas got up and prostrated the Guru and went away
satisfied with the taataka mantra that the Guru had unintentionally
bestowed upon him by way of "Sparsha diksha" ! That too the Charana
sparsha of Guru on one's head  is considered highly potential. That is
why Guru paadukaas are carried on one's head with reverence.


( the information contained in this and the previous message has various
sources and the main source was the book " Voice of the Guru " by H H
Pujyashri Chandrasekara Saraswathi swamiji of Kanchimutt.)

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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