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Shri Vidyaji wrote:
Is this from his translation of taittirIya upanishad with commentaries?


Shri Vidyaji wrote:
outmoded, and may be difficult to understand today. Sometimes, he also
uses inexact translations, perhaps to render things more easily in


I seemed to get that feeling too.

Shri Vidyaji wrote:
I'm puzzled why you refer to ghaTa and ghaTadeSa (ghaTAkASa??) here.

The reason is that my understanding/analysis is itself clouded.  I am not
very clear/confident on the analysis of the following:

1.  Relationship between the existence of the objective world and the
perception of these objects by the knower - their sequence, their process,
their dependence (if at all).  I have some understanding, but not enough
(not to ask the above question-:))

2.  Whatever I have read seems to make sense only in an intellectual sense,
but I am not able to feel it happening in me ie., the process of perceiving
the objects is still one single act in my experience, I cannot feel the
sub-parts (as described in whatever books I have read).  So I seem to have
to constantly refer, as the knowledge is still not mine !!

Shri Vidyaji wrote:

famous vedAntaparibhAshA and vedAntasAra are highly recommended.

Do these books deal about the question I have asked above ?

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