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tApatrayArkasantaptah kashchidudvignamAnasah |
shamaAdisAdhanairyuktah sadguruM pariprchchhati || 3 ||

Scorched by the three suns of misery[1], someone[2]  much troubled in mind
and possesed of the necessary qualities such as self-control etc.[3] asked
a Sadguru (3)

anAyAsena yenAsmAnmuchyeyaM bhavabandhAt |
tanme saMkshipya bhagavankevalaM krpayA vada || 4 ||

"By which means can I be effortlessly freed from bondage?  That, Bhagavan
tell me in brief out of mercy alone."[4]

[1]  Samsara is characterized by three kinds of misery:

adhibhautika -- Caused by physical and mental ill health and by other
living creatures.  A person may be interested in spiritual practice but
may be bedridden due to illness and thus unable to participate.

adhidaivika -- Caused by Gods and "fate" in general.  A person may may be
making progress and suddenly get in a car accident or something.

adhyatmika -- Caused by the peturbations of the soul itself.  A person may
be virtuous in every way but while in a confused and non-discriminating
state he will not be able to make any progress.

[2]  as I mentioned, this work takes the form of an imaginary conversation
between a Guru and shishya.

[3] Shama, dama, vairagya etc.  Only a person who posesses such qualities
is fit to realize Brahman.

[4] The true Guru acts out of mercy alone not for rewards or ego.

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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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