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Ravisankar Mayavaram wrote:

> There was some discussion on sparsha diixa. Likewise there is also
> nayana diixa, that is initiation by look which subtler than the former.
> Even subtler than that is the initiation by thought. Take the case of
> giri, who later became toTakaacharya. giri was a dull student but had
> enormous guru bhakti and shraddha. Out of his boundless grace bhagavan
> shrii shankara bestowed him jnAna just by thought.

Hari Om,

I found one more interesting point about these diixas in the book " The
voice of the Guru ". Read on, please

The three diixas of Sparsha, Nayana and Smarana are also know by the
" Kukkuta diixa ", " Matsya diixa " and " KamaTa diixa " which when
translated can be called " hen initiation ", " fish initiation " and
"tortoise initiation " !!!

We are quite amused by these names but they have a deeper significance.

Man is enveloped by the ajnaana but deep within he is Brahman without
being aware of it, like how an egg shell envelopes the embryo
in it. Like the mother bird hatching he egg, the Guru, by administering
diixa to his shishya, breaks his shell of ignorance and makes him aware
his true self.

Hatching the egg can be in three ways.

The hen sits over its eggs to incubate and hatches them. Sparsha diixa
is similar to this - Guru touching a disciple and beaking open his shell
of ignorance - the kukkuta diixa.

The fish lays its eggs in water. The fish does not sit over them but
hovers round the eggs, looking at them intently and the eggs hatch. This
is the nayana diixa of the Guru - also called matsya diixa.

The tortoise lays its eggs on the shore of the sea and gets back to the
sea. Mother and eggs are not to be seen together. It keeps thinking
about the eggs intensely and in time the eggs hatch. This is similar to
Guru's smarana diixa or the kamaTa diixa.

Interesting, is it not ?

latha Vidyaranya

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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