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> [a pa> RigVeda and Indian Systems of Approach to the
One :
> (notes from selfstudy - svaadhyaaya)
> V : The Attitude of Vedic Rishis - how they viewed
> what they saw.
> ------------------------------------- Himanshu B.
> Dave
> ahamannamahamannamahannam |
> ahamannaado.a.ahamannaado.a.ahamannaada.h |
> aha~m"slokak.rdaha~m"slokak.rdaha~m"slokak.rt |
> [taittiriiya up. 3-10]
Does not the Taittiriya Upanishad belong to the Yajur
Veda? How does this mantra  take a place in your
current comments on the Rig Veda?Did you start with
this only to show the attitudes of Vedic Rishis and
how they viewed what they saw?

> Becasue the Rishi pointed out that our conclusions
> about the distant Reality
> is always based upon what we are able to perceive
> near us, i.e. what is
> accessible to senses and mind, he is called "one
> having extended ignorance"
> -- diirgha.h aparihaarya.h tama.h avidyajanita.h
> yasya sa.h -- The Rishi
> wants to say that we can never "reach" Parabrahma.
Is the Rishi you are referring to here - Diirghatama?
And, are you saying that this Rishi wants to say that
we can never reach Parabrahma in his RV 1-164-43?

< Note very clearly that the priests are not something
< separate from a
< person,
< the "institutor of yaj~na" (yajamaana), they are
part < < of his own brains
< working.

For my own understanding, are the Hot.r , adhvaryu,
udgaat.r etc mentioned in the yagna in the Chandogya
upanishad also to be interpreted as part of the
yajamana's brain?
< the six seasons (i.e. twelve months) are due to the
Moon (mind), the
< thirteenth month (puru"sottama maasa) is due to the
Sun (Paramaatmaa)

Could you kindly explain as to when in the Hindu
Calender does the thirteenth month come? I am not
aware of any Hindu year consisting of always thirteen
< I would
< like
< to have feed-back from you :
< (i)   Are the ideas generally expressed clearly
< (ii)  Is there anything about which you have serious
< (iii) Is the style of presentation, which is
tutorial style, conductive
< for
      the topics?
< (iv)  Do you feel that some more back-ground
information should have
< been
< (v)   Does the series of postings help you in some
way? Should it be

(i) You have indeed expressed your ideas very clearly
(ii) It will really be nice and effective ( for lay
men like me ) if, after posting a mantra, you give
the word to word translation of the mantra as it is
and then post your compact meaning as surmised by you.
(iii) Yes. For beginners like me .But you have other
scholars in the list who may find it to be elementary.
(iv) This very much depends on the mantras from Rig
Veda that you propose posting further on this thread.I
personally feel that you have done very well so far.
(v) Most certainly, Himanshuji.

May God Bless you.


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