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--- Charles Wikner <WIKNER at NAC.AC.ZA> wrote:

> what is given in the first verse of the IshopaniSad:
>       IshA vAsyam idam sarvam yat-kinca jagatyAm jagat
>       tena tyaktena bhunjIthA mA gRdhaH kasyasvid dhanam
> All this -- whatever is changeful in the world [activities of speech,
> mind and body = guNAH] -- is to be covered by the Lord [continuos
> memory of Self-knowledge].  Protect [the realisation of that
> knowledge]
> through such renunciation [tyAga etc]; do not covet the benefit [such
> as siddhis] of any [of the guNAH].

I apologize upfront if there are any errors in my question.  How did
you come up with "is to be" in the second line of the translation?  By
that dont you imply it is not already covered already and one has to
make an attempt to do so? Also where did you account for "kasyasvid".
I would like to have a more detailed (basis for this) interpretation.
Thank you. This is a very different translation of this verse and quite


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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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