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S. V. Subrahmanian <svs_shankara at HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:

>What is the motivation for a Guru (assuming he is enlightened, attained
>"advaita") to continue the parampara ?  A Guru who does not see the shishya
>as separate anymore, how can he teach ?  I heard 3 expalanations.  I am not
>completely satisfied with it.  I will present them here.  Could anyone
>amplify/clarify ?

The first explanation you got explains only the continued visible embodiment
of the realized being. The second explanation, involving lIlA, is at best
figurative, just like lIlA being invoked to explain why brahman creates. The
third explanation has been rejected within advaita itself. Either there is
adhyAsa or there isn't.

The only explanation for why a Guru who has attained the highest would teach
a disciple is that he does so, not out of any motivation or expectation of
personal/private benefit, but out of compassion for those who ask him for
advice and knowledge. See how vidyAraNyasvAmin salutes SankarAcArya -

ajnAnAntar-gahana-patitAn Atma-vidyopadeSais
trAtuM lokAn bhavadavaSikhAtApa-pApacyamAnAn |
muktvA maunaM vaTaviTapinor mUlato nissarantI
SambhormUrtiS carati bhuvane SankarAcAryarUPA ||


bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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