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Fri Jul 21 19:34:54 CDT 2000

At the dawn of jnaana, individuality falls away. Then who is it
teaching? Why should (s)he be teaching? It is not correct to say that
for a jnAni the sanchita and aagami karma ceases to be and the
praarabdha does not? As ramaNar says, if person has three wives, all
them become widows when he dies.

This is my hypothesis.

At the dawn of knowledge, individuality of the person is no more there.
iishwara has to throw away his records of sanchita karma and aagami
karma. But the prarabdha has begun to act. So SHE who is the
karmaphalapradaa is in a fix. It like an arrow which sent aiming at a
tiger, if suddenly the tiger becomes a cow will it stop? So the
prArabdha has to go on. There is a body, but no ego to identify it with
it. Who then will suffer/enjoy the prArabdha? So God decides let me
occupy this body and go through that. And SHE uses it to the welfare of
all.  This is body is indeed a sacred temple for God  to use, as it was
occupied by one who just transcended the duality.  So it is God who
acts through the body and teaches till the prArabha lasts. This is why
a jnAni is equal to God. Because, only God is there. The individual who
was earlier identifying himself with the body has ceased to be.


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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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