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elmec wrote:

> "H.B.Dave" wrote:
> > > > When I read ShrimadBhagvatam, there was always a
> > > > distinct feeling that Vyasaji is
> > > > pointing to Advaita only. The opening three shlokas
> > > > also points to this (IMHO). I
> > > > request that if this aspect can be brought out in
> > > > Shrimati Latha's rendering, it
> > > > will be really a treat. Just a suggestion.
> > > > -- Himanshu
> Hari Om,
> Here I would like to reproduce a passage that I have read in an
> introduction to Bhagavata.
> " The impression that a non-sectarian reader would have of the outlook of
> the Bhagavata on metaphysics is that it is not exclusively committed to
> any single system found in Indian philosophy. The Dvaita, Advaita,
> Vishishtaadvaita, etc., all find a place in the Text in different
> contexts. The text does not show any antipathy towards any of them and
> feels no contradiction in giving a place to all of them. Its effort is
> towards the synthesis of all ".
> However, Shri Dave, my interpretation will be based on Advaita only.
> I have now found so many books on Bhagavatam that I would like to go
> through important points in all of them and present it here in my own
> words. I shall proceed slowly. Please bear with me.
> Regards,
> Latha Vidyaranya

I think I worded my response  with a  little bit of irresponsibility. It
would be an insult to the great teacher. I should not have used the word
"only" in  "pointing to Advaita only". I fully agree with the above
passage,and that is what I really meant.
Sorry, I was not clear in expression.
-- Himanshu

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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