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I would like to add a little more information regarding the Bhaagavatha
Saptaha as mentioned by Shri Anand.

In Guruvayoor and other places, Bhaagavatha Saptaha is conducted on a
regular basis and there is a reading and explanation of the Bhaagavatha
Puranam.Over a period of one week, complete Bhaagavatha Puranam is recited
by a learned/renowned person. This program starts from the dawn and goes on
till dusk. Devotees can spend the whole day listening to the Bhaagavatha.
Similar Bhaagavatha Saptaha was organised sometime in the early eighties
(when I was a school student) at Bangalore also. Later on while working at
Delhi, I found that Bhaagavatha Saptaham used to be organised regularly
there. There was a special Bhaagavatha Saptaham Trust who used to organise
the Saptaham. For this purpose, a learned person from Kerala used to come
and conduct the Bhagaavata Saptaham.

Apart from the specified dates, it used to be organised during other times
at different locations for the benefit of devotees.

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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