Annexure to Bhagavata Mahaatmya.

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elmec wrote:

> Hari Om
> Om Namo Bhagavate Vaasudeevaaya
> There are some additional points which I thought I should include here.
> Naimishaaranya :  This is the place in all Pouraanik stories where the
> Rishis perform their austerities.
> Once all the Rishis prayed to Brahma to suggest them a suitable place to
> do Tapas. Brahma prepared a wheel and shot it towards the Bhuuloka and
> told the Rishis that wherever the ring of the wheel ( nEmi in Sanskrit)
> broke and fell on earth that would be the most suitable place for them
> to perform Tapas. The Rishis followed the wheel and at one place ( must
> be on banks of Ganga , I do not know ) the wheel broke and fell down. (
> nEmishshIryata iti nEmisham  nEmishamEva naimisham ) in a forest region.
> That place became famous as the naimishaaranyam.

That is an interesting account about Naimishaaranya.
It may interest the List Members the interpretation of a wheel, it's
peripery (nemi), the spokes (aaraa) and the hub (naabhi) :  naabhi =
(turiya), aaraa = senses (including mana.h) and nemi = the world
perceptions or inputs from the perceived world.
[Image] This figure may help in understanding.  Note that naabhi is
stationary, but the part of the wheel denoted by a small circle aroound it,
on which the spokes are connected, is rotating. That is aanandmaya kosha or
jeevatmaa. Bhuuloka is the gross world. The "wheel" breaking is a person
getting free from attachments to this world.

I hope this analogy may help in understanding the hidden meaning of the
Best wishes,-- Himanshu

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