Is Tapta Mudra Dharana Avaidika?

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>On Thu, 20 Jul 2000, N.S.M.Ramkumar wrote:
>> Namaskaram,
>> In Madhva sampradya there is Tapta Mudra Dharana(a kind of baptism and
>> also needs to be renewed atleast once in an year). Madhvas quote lots
>> Shruti,Smriti and Puranas in its support and also claim that who has not
>> undergone Mudra dharana is unfit to perform Shrouta/Smarta karmas.
>> On the otherhand, Smarthas say that this is not so.
>> What is the correct position on this? Is the Mudra Dharana Vaidika or
>> Avaidika? Can a smartha have Mudra Dharana? I want to be enlightened by
>> learned members of the group.
>> Regards,
>> Ramkumar
>I haven't seen an answer to this yet and I am not familiar with this rite
>so I'd like to know too.  It doesn't sound like any Vedic rite I know.

 I am unable to find evidence for the Tapta mudrA in the aitareya -
 brAhmaNa, AshvalAyana shrauta sUtras and AshvalAyana gR^ihya sUtras
 of the shAkala shAkhA of the R^ig Veda.

 I have heard that VAdirAja tIrtha has written about this in
 his yukti-mallikA. Perhaps we should hear what the mAdhvas have
 to say first in support of this practice of theirs.

 Remember, advaitins have been known by the saying "vyavahAre tu
 bhATTanayaH". In day-to-day matters advaitins should be indistinguishable
 from the bhATTa mImAMsakas, who as we know, take pride in being
 staunch followers of the ritual aspects of the Veda.  We have to
 examine the issue with this background.


bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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