Question on Advaita (Women in Advaita Vedanta)

Vivek Anand Ganesan v_ganesan at YAHOO.COM
Tue Jul 25 13:28:42 CDT 2000

Hello :
    Sorry to intrude on such an erudite discussion.  But,
I have a question and a statement in this subject.
Hopefully, my statement would not be taken as impertinent.

  What is the meaning and purpose of yajnopavita?
Is it a qualificand for vedic study or the ability to
perform yajnas?  Because, the word itself seems to indicate
the latter.

  It is my view that compassion and consideration to others
is as important in spiritual practice as faith, humility
and learning.  In fact, this issue was discussed a long
time ago ( on vedAdkikAram and MokshAdhikAram ) and
ShrI Vidyashankar told us all to not even use a word like
MokshAdhikAram.  Because, it has no meaning.  Moksha is not
withheld from anyone.
  Whatever the notions of the past may have been, I think
should be re-evaluated in the present context ( especially
in India where "dowry deaths" and female infanticide are
still commonplace ).  Any tradition which condones such
reprehensible acts ( even couched in intellectual
sophistry ) is un-spiritual in my opinion.
  Men ( especially Indian ) have always subjected their
counterparts to exacting standards in faith, learning,
courage and culture.  And, the women have met and exceeded
such standards.  Personally, I only wish that I had a
fraction of my Grandmother's devotion.  I am very grateful
to Smt. Lata and Smt. Savitri for their wonderful
contributions to this list and to many more women on this
list.  I hope we would have more in the future who would
share their wisdom and learning.


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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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