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sarvebhyo namaH,
      After the enlightening discussion , I am posting

an actual part of the bhAShya of shrI sha~Nkara on
this mantra for the benefit of everybody. For the
translation I referred to the Kannada translation of
the shA~NkarabhAshya by shrI sacchidAnandendra
sarasvatI. The mistakes are mine only.

               || auM ||
IshA IshTe iti IT.h tena IshA | IshitA
IshwaraH paramaatmaa sarvasya | sa hi
sarvamIshTe sarvajantUnAmAtmA san.h
pratyagaatmatayaa | tena svena rUpeNAtmaNA
IshA vAsyaM AcChAdanIyam.h | kim.h ? idaM sarvaM
yatki~ncha yatki~nchit.h jagatyAm pR^ithivyAM
jagat.h tat.h sarvam.h svenAtmanA Ishena
pratyagAtmatayA 'ahamevedaM sarvaM' iti
paramArthasatyarUpeNa anR^itamidaM sarvaM
charAcharaM AcChAdanIyaM paramAtmanA |

A loose translation is as follows:

As He rules, is IT.h, by Him is IshA. By IshA (ruler)
is meant the Supreme Lord; the Supreme Self of all.
He, as the direct Self (pratyak+Atman) of all beings,
rules all. By the form of the Lord,
as the Self, it is to be enveloped or covered.
What (is to be covered)? All this, whatever in this
world is mobile and immobile, all of it, which is
unreal,is to be enveloped by the Supreme Self,
which is of the form of the Supreme Truth, by the form

perceived as the direct Self, as
"all this is 'I' only".

-translation ends.

Some notes:
Since vAsyaM means AcChAdanIyaM which means 'is to be
covered', we have to treat this more like an
injunction than a statement.

The root of jagat.h is gaM which means to move, as
shrii Jaldhar stated earlier.

The next part:

yathA chandana-agarvAdeH-udakAdi-sambandha-ja-
kledAdijaM aupAdhikaM daurgandhyaM
tatsvarUpanigharShaNena-AcChAdyate svena
pAramArthikena gandhena, tadvadeva
hi svAtmany-adhyastaM svAbhAvikaM
kartR^itva-bhoktR^itva-AdilakshaNaM jagat.h
dvaitarUpaM jagatyAM pR^ithivyAM |
'jagatyAM' iti upalakshaNArthatvAt.h sarvameva
nAma-rUpA-karmAkhyaM vikArajAtaM
paramArtha-satyAtma-bhAvanayA tyaktaM syAt.h |
evam-IshvarAtma-bhAvanayA yuktasya
putrAdyeshaNAtraya-saMnyAse evAdhikAro na karmasu |

An approximate translation :
Sandal wood and aloe wood generate bad smell on
reaction with water. The water-generated
bad smell is covered/enveloped by the fragrance of
the sandalwood by rubbing sandalwood against stone.
Now, water is just an adjunct to the essential
inherent fragrance of the sandal wood. Just as the
inherent fragrance removes the water-generated
bad smell, the 'natural' 'world', which has qualities
like doership and enjoyership, which is characterized
by name, form and karma, which is falsely
attributed in one's own Self, which is born as a
of transformation (?), has to be removed by
'paramArtha-satyAtma-bhavanA' - the experience
of the Supreme Truth as one's Self. By jagatyAm is
meant everything in this world.
The one who feels Ishwara in the AtmA has adhikAra
only in the renunciation of the three desires (
desire for son,wealth etc), but not in duties.

I liked this reading a lot.
yatki~ncha jagatyAm jagat (asti), (tat.h) idaM sarvaM

Whatever 'world' is in this world, all this
is to be covered by the Lord. Acharya's
bhAshya says that the world is indeed
'nAma-rUpa-karmAkhya'. So whatever can be denoted by
name and form, all this, is to be covered by

This is my first attempt at translating such a
and deep work. Corrections are welcome.


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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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