Women in vedaanta

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Tue Jul 25 23:01:25 CDT 2000

Hari Om,

Members must be wondering how I am keeping quiet when such a hot
controversy is raging on the List ! Well, by nature, I keep myself away
from any controversies. Specially in a subject like vedaanta, where your
goal is to realise the Ultimate Truth, my sight and my mind are set on
that supreme Brahman which is deep with in myself. By looking out and
entering into controversies, I am only allowing myself to get distracted
from that Highest. When one treads this delicate but sharp path of
advaita, one should actually wear blinkers like a horse and walk just
looking ahead ! You may ask how I can withstand these humiliatory
sentences written in the shaastraas and bhaashyaas, be it by a jnaani
himself ? By arguing against them by saying " I am a woman, no less a
being than man ", " I am equal to man in intelligence, perceptional
faculties " etc etc, I will only be strengthening my ' ahankaara ' and '
mamakaara ' which are  detrimental to my aspiration, which actually
requires me to drop those two. These arguements are fine and necessary
too to achieve vyaavahaarika goals in this modern world where a woman
has to put her foot down on so many matters. But not here. When my
Guruji has accepted me as a shishyaa and is leading me ahead, no
shaastra or no jnaani's statements can deter me from my path ! Shankara
has said " IshwarO gururaatmEti murthy bedha vibhaagine " and not "
IshwarO guru purushEti......." !

Latha Vidyaranya

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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