kunDalinI cakra-s

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I have seen one more  book about this Kundalini Shakthi and shadchakras titled
*The Serpent Power* by John Woodruf (unable to comment on this book coz. i have
not read this). Just FYI.

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Gummuluru Murthy wrote:

> namaste shri Ravi,
> Thanks very much for the feedback.
> The point I was trying to make in that group of sentences is that
> the kunDalinI cakra-s are not in the physical body. I like to put
> them in the following sequence.
> 1. From the present day scientific evidence, kunDalinI cakra-s are
>    not in the physical body
> 2. Yet, the description of the cakra-s and the location of the
>    cakra-s in the jIva, according to the tantric texts, is according
>    to the physical body description and location.
> 3. Further, most importantly, kunDalinI cakra-s can be visualized
>    only by intense sAdhana.
> 4. The description of kunDalinI cakra-s (with various number of
>    petals and the bIja mantra-s associated with them) are from the
>    tantric texts (e.g. ShaT-cakra nirUpaNa by pUrNAnanda translated
>    by Arthur Avalon in The serpent power). This description was not
>    denied by the samayin. Hence there must be truth in these
>    descriptions.
> All this suggests that the kunDalinI cakra-s can only be in the
> astral body. Then the description of the precise location of these
> cakra-s can hold only if there is a one-to-one correlation between
> the physical body and the astral body.
> In the kunDalinI meditation the divine power that lies dormant in
> every human being is aroused and pulled upward through the cakra-s.
> Now, I am giving only an intellectual and intuitive description of
> the kunDalinI cakra-s. There may be some in the readership who have
> actually felt or experienced this awakened kunDalinI. If there is
> someone, I would be very grateful to hear from such souls.
> Certainly, kunDalinI awakening, like the Atman Realization, is a
> subject beyond intellectual understanding. However, Yogeshwaranand
> Paramahansa in His book Science of the soul makes a determined
> effort to put the matter in excellent perspective. I strongly
> recommend this book if any wish to have the intellect satisfied
> of kunDalinI and the cakra-s.
> Regards
> Gummuluru Murthy
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Hari Om,

Thank you, Sri Gummuluru Murthy, for the explanation. I shall go thro
books you have suggested to learn more about the kundalini chakraas.

Thanks to Sri Ravishankar  for forwarding my question to Sri Murthy.

Latha Vidyaranya

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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