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>Shri Anandji wrote:
>are really, in my opinion, part of a bigger problem of dharma
>in India. Dharma is dying a slow but horrible death as time progresses.
>Even the basic sAmAnya-dharma (I tried to start a discussion on this
>but there was lack of interest) is not being followed in India even
>though such sAmAnya dharma is being followed to a relatively higher
>degree in other countries.
>If you are saying this is because of Kali, then it should affect the entire
>Bhuloka, not just India.  But you also say that it is being followed to a
>better degree elsehwere.  Could this be attributed to Kali ?  In which case
>should we not see an overall decline ?
>Also, you mentioned that members did not evince interest in your initiating
>a discussion on sAmAnya dharma.  Could you atleast write what you had in
>mind (I read your articles quite seriously) ?

 sAmAnya dharma is what is required of everyone regardless of the
 caste, sex and other factors. As the mitAxarA notes by the phrase
 "brAhmaNAdyachANDAlAnta", it is applicable to all from the brAhmaNas
 to the chANDAlas. This is the basic dharma that one has to follow as
 a human being. Following the varNAshrama dharma is dependent on this.

  Please see:

  which I posted over a year  ago as a starting point for discussion.


bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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