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Dear Shri Jaldharji (or anybody):

Picked from your posting on chatuHSloki Bhagavatam:

[6] The meanings of these terms is explained in the Panchadashi of
Vidyaranya Swami. When in the dream state we lose normal consciosness the
consciousness of the self that remains is anvaya.  Without it we would never
wake up or we would lose our memory whenever we woke up.  But because of the
resident atma there is continuity between these lapses of consciousness.
Vyatireka is he opposite.  It is the power of consciousness to distinguish
moments which is why we can experience time as successive instances as
opposed to everythng occurring at once.


1.  I don't understand this meaning in the context of the Sloka that you
have quoted.  Could you please explain ?

2.  I request a friend of mine to explain anvya and vyatireka, because I did
not have a clue as to what they were.  He sent me the following reply:

>The anvaya-vyatireka analysis is generally used to establish cause-effect
>relationship between two events or things. If a thing >'A' is present when
>the other thing 'B' is present then it is  called > anvaya. If 'B' is
>absent when 'A' is absent then it is called >vyatireka. when anvaya and
>vyatireka are there then 'A' becomes the >cause of 'B'. For example clay is
>present when pot is present . This >is anvaya. Also when clay is absent pot
>is absent. This is vyatireka. >From anvaya and vyatireka we can conclude
>that clay is the cause of >pot. I hope this explanation is clear.
>with love and prayers,

Now, I am not able to reconcile the 2 explanations I am seeing here.  May be
they can be derived from each other ?  Could you clarify ?

S. V. Subrahmanian.
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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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