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On Fri, 2 Jun 2000, B.J. GANESH PRASAD wrote:

> Hari om,
> Although agreeable on what Mr. Ramachandran says, i beg to differ on his
> view on Advaitha and Dvaitha.

Actually I think it my response that you are disagreeing with no?

> Dvaitha, connotates the dual conceptualization of the self and brahma, which
> is therefore the basis for Advaitha.

> there cannot be Advaitha without Dvaitha in the beginning, as Karmakhanda,
> eluciates (Ref: Mimamsa Sutravali, no 5) the need for action. All action
> necessarily indicates Dualism, with a Karta and Kartvya. The Shankara
> Bhashya on Bhagavad Geetha, clearly illustrates this point.

I understand what you are saying however I see one problem.  Even after
one realizes the inadequacy of the dualistic concept, is the development
of an Advaita view the natural outcome?  Not necessarily I think.
Vishishtadvaita also purports to solve this problem.  Even amongst
monists, Kashmiri Shaivas and Buddhists give different answers.  Which
answer is correct?  How will we determine this?

> Advaita and Dvaita are not just Adjectives, Gauda pada Karikas and
> Vivekachudamani, and also Vedantha Paribhasha speaks about the meaning of
> these terms. They are interpretated on the same importance associated to
> Brahman.

Please write something on how these sages have defined Advaita vs Dvaita
It would help this discussion tremendously.

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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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