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On Mon, 5 Jun 2000, Bhaskar Y.R. wrote:

> In kathopanishad (1.2.23) it is said :
> Nayamatma pravachanena labhyo
> na medhaya na bahunaa shrutena!
> yamevisha vrunute tena labhya
> stastaisha atma vivrunute TANUM swaam!!
> Lost two lines gives us the meaning that He alone shall find this self, who
> is powerfully attracted to him in complete devotion to him that self
> reveals as he REALLY IS ??
> Please explain me TANUM in this verse.

tanu means body.  As well as the physical body there are spiritual layers
or bodies.  When even these are stripped away the true body is
revealed--the eternal atma

How is this true body revealed?  The first part of this verse is very
interesting in light of ome of our recent discussions. The atma cannot be
logically deduced or read about or heard about.  It reveals itself to the
one who who earnestly and worshipfully seeks it.

The next verse describes the qualities of the person who is fit to receive
the revelation of the Self.

navirato duscharitannaashaanto naasamaahitah |
naashaantamaanaso va'pi prajnaanenainamaashnuyaat || 24 ||

One who has not given up those actions which are prohibited by the
shastras, who senses are not controlled, whose mind is in turmoil or
even though disciplined still lusts after material objects cannot know
this self.

But one who only does that which is commanded by the shastras, whose mind
and senses are completely controlled and has turned away from material
things will certainly come to know the true Self.

> And In 2.6.3 :
> Bhayadasyagnistapati bhayatapati suryaha!
> bhayadindracha vayuscha mrutyurdhavati panchama!!
> Please explain me BHAYA in this verse.

Bhaya means fear.  Agni causes fire to burn from fear.  The Sun shines
because of fear.  Indra causes rain to fall and Vayu wind to blow because
of fear.  Even Mrtyu or Death occurs only because of fear.  Fear of
what?  All these mighty Devas have been set to their respective tasks
by Ishwara.  Ish means to rule.  As the subjects of an earthly ruler rush
to do his bidding out of fear of being punished, They do their work out of
fear of their supreme ruler.

Just as one does not fear the minions of an earthly ruler because we know
they will not do anything unless they are commanded to, we should not fear
even great celestial powers because They have no independant power to act,
they only do as Their divine Lord commands.  The preceding verse explains
that one who realizes this becomes immune to the worldly phenomena and
hence immortal.

Shankaracharya observes that this verse and the one preceding it are a
rejoinder to the idea that the world arose out of nothing and there is no
supreme Brahman.

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