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Looking at the contents below, it is interesting to note that a verse with a
similar refrain is also found in the TaitirEya upnishad:

bhEshAsmAd vata pavate bhEshodeti suryaha
bhEshAsmAd agnisca indrasca mruthyur dhavati panchama iti ||

Can anyone tell as to why the Rishis have chosen these five in both places
to explalin the same theme.  Is there anything significant about the choice
of these 5 things (vAyu, surya, agni, indra and mruthyu) ?

> > And In 2.6.3 :
> > Bhayadasyagnistapati bhayatapati suryaha!
> > bhayadindracha vayuscha mrutyurdhavati panchama!!
> >
> > Please explain me BHAYA in this verse.
> >
>Bhaya means fear.  Agni causes fire to burn from fear.  The Sun shines
>because of fear.  Indra causes rain to fall and Vayu wind to blow because
>of fear.  Even Mrtyu or Death occurs only because of fear.  Fear of
>what?  All these mighty Devas have been set to their respective tasks
>by Ishwara.  Ish means to rule.  As the subjects of an earthly ruler rush
>to do his bidding out of fear of being punished, They do their work out of
>fear of their supreme ruler.

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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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