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On Tue, 6 Jun 2000, T Swaminarayan wrote:

> The word 'worshipping' in your comment above denotes' ACTION' and
> surely ,it comes within the scope of Dvaitam.Could you please clarify
> if your question is addressed to an Advaitin, and whether by this, you
> indicate that an advaitin worships an invisible Deity?

Should Bhakti be considered as karma or upasana? If karma than you are
completely correct.  If it is an upasana then it is valid for an Advaitin
(albeit as a preparation for Jnana.)  I think the Advaita Acharyas
have tended to the latter view.  Some forms of upasana deal with
abstractions and some with more concrete things.

> A true Advaitin
> really does not 'seek' anything,for, seeking is 'action' and hence is
> a part and parcel of Dvaitam.

This is true for the Knower but the Seeker can be said to be a Mumukshu --
one who desires Moksha.  That too is an act but it is the final act.

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