Antiquity of Advaita Vedanta (was Re: An Open Letter to All)

S. V. Subrahmanian svs_shankara at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Jun 13 14:07:28 CDT 2000

Shri Vidya and Shri Nanda,

>This is with respect to the ongoing discussion between Vidhya and me
>regarding the Advaita and the MAdhyamaka traditions. We've been at it for
>several weeks now and no clear conclusion seems to be coming out of it.
>We're shooting off points to prove whichever theory we support. So I've not
>replied to the last post of Vidhya, which contains some genuine arguments
>which *could* bring a positive conclusion to this issue.

I have been reading your discussions on the list, though I did not have
anything to contribute.  I should admit that initially I was surprised that
you two were trying to impose each other's views.  But I did one simple
exercise and I recommend that to other members too.

I just cut out the idea as to who was writing it (ie., associating the idea
with the person) and just read the thoughts, sometimes even blurring the
idea of who is on which side.  It has benefitted me immensely.  The
discussions with out the personalities behind them are very illuminating.

Hence, if it is of any worth, I cast my vote in favor of your continuing to
explain the theory that you know of and kindly benefit us.

Also, I don't believe you both will ever be able to reach any conclusion.  I
never believed that any of the spiritual discussions can lead to a
conclusion.  It can only give some idea and provide a background for
spiritual progress.  The Zen Masters used to give koans to their disciples
who inturn were to meditate on them.  But none of the koans had any answer,
for the answers were not the purpose of the koans.

Please share your ideas and help us.
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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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