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Tue Jun 13 17:51:17 CDT 2000

Dear members,

Since I could not gather Ms. Taina's email address from her mails, I had to
send this to everybody.  I apologize.  I intended to give Ms. Taina a list
of possible satsang oppurtunities in Finland itself, where she was feeling
did not have any such.

Dear Ms. Taina,

I am listing below few of the sites you could go and find info/oppurtunities
for discussing philosophy in Finland itself:
(Disclaimer - I am not a member of any of the organizations and
I am not collecting members for anybody).  Please use your
freedom/discrimination in using the below information)

1. Mata Amritananda Mayee:  (A renowned saint from Kerala, she visits
Findland during her European tour).  Please visit and write
to them for more information about her visit to Finland.

2. Sri SathyaSai Baba:  (A renowned God-man in India and has centers all
over the world).  Please visit and ask them for centers in
Finland.  They will be happy to help you out.

3.  ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness):  Details are
        Helsinki, ISKCON, Krishnaliike, Ruoholahdenkatu 24d,
        00180 Helsinki
        Tel. (09) 6949879 / Fax (09) 6949837 / E-mail:
        krishna at

Some other sites that might be helpful are: (only for info, they may not have centers)

I hope the above is helpful.  I have realized through my own life that the
following 2 are the most fundamental:

1.  Refinement of Character:  Hear no evil, hear what is good; See no evil,
see what is good; talk no evil, talk what is good; Think no evil, think what
is good; Do no evil, do what is good.

Intuition of the Truth develops only through refinement of character and not
accumulation of knowledge (even the Vedas).  No scholarship, erudition can
substitute the need to purify one's heart, cleanse one's mind.  History is
replete with instances where mighty intellects have fallen prey to petty
whims.  Evolution is progress in attaining good character, not accumulation
of knowledge.

2.  Love for God:  There is no Sadhana higher than this.  No discussion,
reasoning, satsang, mantras etc - nothing can replace this requirement.
Without Love for God, all labor is useless.

I am stating this as a friend.  I see in the mailing list a lot of
discussion going on.  All these help very much, but nothing can substitute
the above two.  They are the most fundamental.  People who slip on these 2
are the ones who don't attain God, even after years of obtaining knowledge
and practicing one technique or the other.  If your fundamentals are strong,
the mansion of realization will stand steady amidst the crush of the
breaking worlds.

If you reach "there" before me, help me out too !!

With love and good wishes,

S. V. Subrahmanian
svs_shankara at
Help ever.  Hurt never.

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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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