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Tue Jun 13 22:59:35 CDT 2000

Shri Jaldharji,

>The Vasishtasangrah has a beautiful metaphor of a deer caught in
>quicksand.  When it realizes its predicament, its impulse is to kick and
>struggle.  But the more it flails about the deeper it sinks.  If it could
>remain still, there would be a chance to pull itself out.

AGREED 100%.

Have you ever tried stilling your mind ???  As an answer to this, please
don't quote any scripture, for it is second hand compared to direct
experience.  I feel without the intensity and sincerity one cannot achieve

>Yes mumukshutva (the desire for mukti) is very important but how to go
>about fulfilling that desire is indeed a matter of "clever planning."

Agreed.  But all I am saying is that "clever planning" should be implemented
with sincerity and arduous effort.  Because the "clever planning" would
obviously have some slack period in it, in which all the good work done, may
get undone.  So as long as the effort part of the plan is more predominant
than the slack part of it, it is fine, otherwise, I can't imagine where it
will lead.

Also you mentioned something like "Where is the hurry?".  For whom ??? For
one in whom the Love of the Lord has started surging, more of it alone can
satiate it.  "Clever planning" is not for him.  In "clever planning" one
enjoys bhoga on oneside and slowly 'tries' to progress on the other side.
It is not for Mirabai or Ramakrishna or Ramana or Tukaram.

Ofcourse we should not blindly imitate their ways, without being in their
state of consciousness.

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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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