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IndraDeva Ishaya IndraDeva_Ishaya at YAHOO.COM
Wed Jun 14 02:09:14 CDT 2000

I have enjoyed many of the contributions that I have read. For example,
Vidyashankar & Subrahmanian (please forgive misspellings) have both made
wonderful contributions. I especially enjoyed Subrahmanian's poem on the
Nature of the Self, which I feel bears repeating:
Self is God, Self is Guru
Abide forerver, O mind! in the Self

Trust in the Self, O mind,
Hearken its wisdom call
It seeks naught, needs naught,
Fears naught at all.

>From Self does thought rise
And into Self does it fall
Eternal witness, it is the
Screen behind images all.

Self is silent, Self is solitude,
Self is solemn and pure
It is the Love by which
All three worlds endure.

In every grief, every despair,
Every anguish filled scream
Hear the silent call of the Self
To awaken from this worldly dream.

Self is the compassionate
Wish-fulfilling tree
It holds the key that will
Make us ever free.

Ever existing, all knowing,
Bliss is it
Renouncing the world,
Abide forever in it.

Self is God, Self is Guru
Abide forerver, O mind! in the Self

-------S. V. Subrahmanian

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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