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Namaste Taina

Terve myös tutulla suomenkielellä. I read your message and found some
interesting points over it.

>>I am Finnish woman. My name is Taina Kilpiäinen. I live in Kemi in North
Finland in Europe. I tell you shortly how I interested in Advaita and
Hindu-religions. I have searched excatly all of my life "something2 deep
in my life. What is meaning of life and . Why am I here?. What is being,
existence? I have considered what is universe? And so on. About half and
year ago I coincidentally found Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshis's book
Teachings of Ramana Maharshi I read first Paul Bruntons book Searhing of
Secret India. Brunton told his visiting in Ramanas ashram and his
discussions with Ramana did deep influence to my Heart. And after that I
started to look Ramanas books.<<

I want to let you know that there are a lot of people in Finland that has
found Paul Brunton's books very impressive because of exiting journeys
over India, Himalaja, Egypt aso. Silence teacher, Ramana Maharshi and
conversations between Paul and him got also very important place in my
heart. After that i've been doing "investigations" over Finland and
actually there are a lot of books and schools that teaches philosophy and
training of ancient Indian. Like on the another letter i asked questions
of two primary vedanta school, Advaita and Vaishnavas and other spiritual
systems in the world; the most important question for me has been, -which
one-? Can we understand them all by following one, which is the best for
me and my friends, why any great rishi or teacher hasn't clearified this
confusing mess of religions?

So there are spiritual schools in Finland, but one important questions
could be, how we know good teacher, maybe teacher like Ramana that could
"lift" Brunton in his meditation, and "protect ja keep" Brunton's
conciousness alive? Main problem is like you told on another letter:

>> I have tried to practise Self-Inquiry. Asking Who am I? Final result: I
am "I" who don't know who am I? And I when I do this longer time I fall
like sleep-state. This think "I" is in like background and other things go
around, but I don't care them anymore and after that I see

We can't keep Krishna or Christ clearly in our mind. We can't be aware of
higher consiousness i think. Just found interesting point on our
mind-working and it was, that we cannot switch from aware position to
unaware position of thinking. Sometime we find us thinking (unaware) silly
things and then we get aware, (like over the thoughts) and keep our
thoughts in control. Switch between these two seems to as impossible as
not to get sleep. I don't know if advaita training has or brings same
experiences but i'm glad if list owners or readers has something to say.

Great yogis are said to have control over this sleep-state. Greater Yogis
can help pupils in "spirit" to introduce higher life. Maybe greatist yogis
and rishes aren't just one method's rishes but clearly can teach and lead
disciplines of many systems on their own way. Are there such teachers
alive or are all the teachers just scribes that likes to give answer to
every question referring to the holy books but actually not knowing the
spiritual state of their disciplines?

Well i'm sending very hard stuff but i refer also to one comment of
Jaldhar H. Vyas :

>> One drawback to this list or he Internet in general is that it cannot
take the place of the personal guidance of a Sadguru. <<

>From my experience it's quite easy to get very deep meditation and add
wisdom of books to the point, where we can present to be "gurus" in real
life. Keeping thoughts in control opens very exciting "world of answers"
and "intuitions", automatic explanation to every subject. It can open also
very deep joy and peace feelings that can last many weeks. In sanscrit
term it's talked about living in brahman, which is full of peace, love and
happyness. But that is not full of knowledge and it's not full control
over matter. When we reach Krishna, the ultimate God, can we be error in
anything? Do we know every life of our former lives and do we have a
control of our sleep-state?

>>I have no much knowledge in Hindu culture, hindu religion and therefore
my questions may sounds ignorance, naives etc. But I hope you understand
it. I want to teach. I wanted to discuss Ramanas teachings, meditation
methods, feelings of my aspiration, I wanted to discuss about the SELF,
about GURu's etc. Advaita feels just near to me, I have always been
feeling before I heart anything of Advaita, Hindureligions, Ramanas
teachings that everything is same God, All is God. This letter was rather
long but now you know what kind I am. <<

>From many sources it is told that wisdom of India has expired. From vedas
we can find, that paramparas has also broken many times. In history
traditions seems to change like the waves of ocean. In India there is over
1 000 000 000 people now and it's easy to see that ancient wisdom, if it's
alive, is in very deep of this mass. Indian philosophy and practices that
came to western worlds were changed to fit better on our way (and mind)
and that's why it's highly pressumed that it's not really the same and
orginal. Very few people are ready to sacriface their entire life to find
the Truth and Life, and even fewer are doing it for others rather than for
their own liberation.

This kind of greetings to Kemi and hope list-readers and -keapers has
something to say toward blue-and white country, the land of thoussands of

Best Regards: Marko

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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