Antiquity of advaita vedanta (was : an open letter to all)

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Thu Jun 15 17:11:32 CDT 2000

Smt. Nanda wrote (collected from different parts of the mail):

Please read the bhAmati yourself.
And this I suppose is the trick question which is supposed to pit me against
Shankara himself and thus invalidate my arguments. Any which way you can to
win the argument, I suppose!
Sri Anand Hudli wrote (again collections):

Sure.  Stop making personal attacks on GauDapAda, Shankara, and
the other AchAryas. Stop presenting your views as their views. Is this
too much to ask for?

Please stop preaching tolerance. This has nothing to do with that.


Shri Shankara in Vivekachoodamani, makes mention of 4 requirements and one
them being the sadSampatti.  He had written his works with a solemn hope
that his students
will follow it and practice it, not just be content with correctly
interpreting it.

We should not forget the main purpose of all this knowledge ie., putting it
practice.  If we slip on that, however sharp our insight be, our knowledge
become useless.  But in the *way* we are arguing, are we really following
Shankara ?  "sama, dama" are some of the qualities that Shankara
advised for his students.  Let us try to follow as much as possible.

Sri Vidya, Sri Anand and Smt. Nanda have been educating the rest of the
with lot of their research/study.  Very good/happy.  But are we setting a
example of what Shankara taught ? (I will leave the answer to each one of
I am not trying to be a goody-goody person here, but I don't want the
to stop because of personality issues.

Look, Shri Ravi has already said that the earlier mail would be his last on
topic.  Haven't we lost the inputs of one more wise man in our list ?  If
arguments had been posed objectively, politely may be he could have gotten
interested in mAdhyamika, who knows ??

Smt. Nanda, please don't fail to send the remaining portions of your work
as those who might want to go forward can go ahead while you are busy
questions to earlier parts.


S. V. Subrahmanian
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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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